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"Barcelona GO!" by Rob Whitworth is absolutely amazing. Definitely some head scratching techniques, but here’s the production summary:

My time in numbers: 363 hours work, 75 Hours Logistics and Travel, 31 Hours Scouting and Location Finding, 78 Hours Shooting, 179 Hours Post Production, 26014 Camera Raw Files, 817gb of data

Using basic features of Instagram, we built a collection ‘website’ inside the app, echoing the main concept of IKEA PS 2014: ‘Always on the move’. It is designed for smartphones which are always at hand. It provides great native experience for Instagram users.

Extremely clever way to approach Instagram’s platform that not only provides a way to browse through “product pages” but also incorporates user-generated content through photo tagging. All native features to Instagram, rethought for an unconventional purpose. Just make sure you’re in grid mode!